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Derek Poundstone Deadlifting 800x9.

I love the comments. On his final rep Derek rests the weight on his thigh above the knee, much like one would in an Atlas Stone event (Poundstone is a Strongman competitor). His experience shows and it is very smooth. Not something to do for the typical lifter, but all the people saying ignorant stuff is awesome. Keep in mind this is training, not a competition. I’d like to see other people rep out 800lbs. 

That shit is insane.


Heard you were talking shit


Heard you were talking shit

Light weight, lots of compound movements. Kind of a HIIT workout, I guess. Thought it was gonna be a real puker when I wrote it this morning but uh, I feel awesome.

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I listen to this in the dark

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AM Workout:

PM Workout:

and then…dinner.

So many squats yesterday. So little sleep last night. Hilarity ensues.

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280lb deadlift. I’m gonna try to pull 300 on September 1st.

Been doing lots of DL drills. Need to get the bar a little closer to my body when lifting heavier weight. Train, train, train.