315 on the deadlift. Setting goals and reaching them. Putting in a ton of work on my body and mind. Getting stronger every day.

315 on the deadlift. Setting goals and reaching them. Putting in a ton of work on my body and mind. Getting stronger every day.

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Pulled 305 on a deadlift today. New PR’s are cool but the coolest thing about it is it gave me confidence in being able to pull 315 by next month and beyond. 

Red and black lumberjack, with the hat to match.

Red and black lumberjack, with the hat to match.

Light weight day. The goal was to concentrate on form and explosiveness. Been reading a bunch about technique and applying those cues I’ve picked up in the gym. Form on my deadlift is improving and I am keeping the bar a lot closer to my body. I imagine I’m pushing the ground away from me with my feet while exploding through the hips and dragging the bar up against my body.

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Annie and I went to Monday Night Raw last night.  This post contains spoilers.

The show was great and i’m glad it was much better than the past two episodes of RAW. It was my first live event and I was hella pumped . We had pretty decent seats and our entire section was pretty loud.

Highlight of the night for me was Y2J vs Bray Wyatt in the steel cage. The high spot off the cage was incredible. The entire arena was on their feet and Jericho gave this cool little shrug like WHAT THE HELL, I’M HERE TO ENTERTAIN THESE PEOPLE right before he made the leap. Fucking rad. 

I also really enjoyed seeing all the backstage kind of stuff that they edit off TV. Seeing the ring crew reworking the set during commercial breaks and Randy Orton waiting for his cue to resume posing to the crowd during commercial made me really appreciate all the theatrics that go into the show. 

Speaking of Orton, he is the best heel ever. When he locks in that bullshit headlock for 5 minutes, slowing the pace down it pushes the crowd into a fever pitch. Instant heat. No one wants to see a dude hold another dude in a headlock. Orton knows that so he does it to troll the crowd. Heel Game Phenomenal. 

Cena and Paul Heyman delivered a great promo. Cena is like the most self aware character. The ‘Eat. Sleep. Be John Cena’ thing was great. The tension Heyman created by trying to get Cena to turn his back on his fans was great and caused Cena to reach a hyper state of intensity and knocked the rest of his promo out of the park. 

I think next week should be interesting. I kinda hope Brock no shows and Cena blurs the lines between face/heel a little bit and kicks the shit out of Heyman as promised.

The Jerry Springer/Bella promo was fun live. I was stoked Steph came out and introduced him. The entire arena was chanting JERRY!! JERRY!! JERRY!! when he came out. Nikki is becoming a lot stronger delivering lines to the crowd. Brie sucks. Team Nikki.

The NXT preview match was a ton of fun. Wish it was a bit longer but it was essentially a commercial for NXT, thus being a commercial for the WWE Network, which - if you weren’t aware - is available for just $9.99.

I popped hard for Sami Zayn. He is just the coolest. I am a pretty new fan of his but I’m aware of his history in the indies though not too familiar with it. The crowd loved Adrian Neville and his acrobatics. Loud pop during those spots, especially during the Red Arrow but otherwise kind of a “who are these people” kinda vibe the majority of the crowd.

I learned that most people don’t watch wrestling the same way I do…I always was attracted to the show in and of itself. I watch it as if it’s an episodic drama about a fictional sport. Just like any other TV show. The characters come and go but the show is what always attracted me. The storytelling in the ring, the psychology of it all is the neatest shit to me.

Anyway, good experience. I wanna go to a PPV next!



I’ve been tattooed in that building. History, ya’ll.

Woke up. Lifted. Ate.

And now I’m still hungry.

Summer Moments 2014. Some pictures taken by Annie. I have a pretty cool life.

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Derek Poundstone Deadlifting 800x9.

I love the comments. On his final rep Derek rests the weight on his thigh above the knee, much like one would in an Atlas Stone event (Poundstone is a Strongman competitor). His experience shows and it is very smooth. Not something to do for the typical lifter, but all the people saying ignorant stuff is awesome. Keep in mind this is training, not a competition. I’d like to see other people rep out 800lbs. 

That shit is insane.